About Us


Hello and thankyou for wanting to know abit more about my business!!

My name is Sammy and I own and run Honey Pot Creations. I am an "army wife" and have two - well three if you count the hubby - beautiful little boys.

I brought an established giftwares and handmade store, Kirwan Gifts, in June 2018. My eldest was going to start big school soon and i was still at home looking after the baby one. I knew that financially i would need to return to work soon but did not like the idea of not spending as much time with my boys as i could. So I brought a business! As I wanted to make it more "mine", i decided to change the name. I have a few floating around in my head but just couldn't decide. So, I got all our lovely facebook followers to take a vote - and Honey Pot Creations was the winner!

We stock mass produced gift items such as ornaments, kids toys and novelties. We go to various markets and run the business via Facebook.

We have gained many of loyal customers and it was their advice that steered us to hand crafted items. 

We are a locally owned and operated business and we guarantee that our products are of excellent quality. We believe that people should be able to have these fantastic products at affordable prices. 

By supporting a family owned business you are helping a parent pay for their children's karate, not a CEO pay for a third holiday house.